About Success Line Coaching


Success Line Coaching is led by Padmaja Mohandas, a Certified Success Coach, and Certified Executive Coach. Padmaja is a certified NLP practitioner and meditation teacher and devotes her free time to teaching meditations to nonprofit organizations.

As a teacher, coach, trainer, and entrepreneur, her goal is to help others achieve happiness and harmony, and increase their productivity and energy.

Success Line Coaching helps ambitious people like you:

  • To develop your time management skills.
  • To boost your confidence.
  • To increase your accountability.
  • To tap into your own wisdom to achieve your goals, visions, or dreams.
  • To develop executive presence.
  • To help create self-discipline.
  • To help you meditate to manage your stress.
  • To help them focus on a positive mindset and increase self-awareness.

SLC provides coaching to its clients to boost their self-confidence, assertiveness, accountability, time management skills, executive presence, managing stress levels, and self-discipline.

In SLC, we are passionate and relentless about helping people find their full potential and be successful in life.

We believe that everyone comes with immense potential within them. People are sometimes unaware of the potential they possess, sometimes don’t trust their inner resources, and sometimes ignore their inner power.

SLC helps ambitious people to find their innate power and enhances their productivity and energy levels while helping them to create a happy and harmonious life.

Using Our Team’s personal and professional experience, NLP tools and strategies, meditation and Qigong skills, and co-creative coaching knowledge, we offer our clients a unique coaching service, which in turn helps the clients to achieve their best.

SLC’s mission to help people realize their true potential and move forward with their lives while creating a life that is balanced and joyful.

  • Is it the right time for a change in your life?
  • Are you dedicated to your action plans?
  • Are you still prioritizing your goals?
  • Where are you in regards to your personal and professional goals?
  • Where do you have your biggest obstacles to overcome?

Using Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, and other technologies, Success Line offers online coaching. 

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Professional Bio

Padmaja Mohan is a certified executive Success coach, Meditation Teacher, NLP Practitioner and Reiki Healer, who helps ambitious people to grow and reach the next level of success. 

She believes coaching, meditation and healing can accelerate your overall growth. She holds a bachelor degree in botany and education from the University of Kerala, India. She is certified in  TESOL  from London Trinity.  

Her Ambitious Nature helped to learn several personal growth modalities reap its benefits for her favor.

Now, she would like to use her experience and skillset to help other ambitious people to grow fully.

When she is not busy with coaching, training and healing, she engages in Qigong practice and learn more about crystals.