Client Testimonials Personal and Professional Development Coaching Sessions Online

 We are glad to share our Client Testimonials here  for you. Look at what our happy clients have been saying about our personal growth online coaching sessions. Our value-added customized  one on one  coaching sessions are available at an affordable price. Keep reading to know how these sessions impacted their growth and success? What did we do to make each session holistic and unique?

What were the pressing concerns that prompted them to seek coaching?

Clients sought coaching sessions for varied daily life challenges. Those pressing issues were lack of time for social life, pursuing their passion, following regular exercise plans, or sticking to healthy eating habits.

Some clients were in search of clarity about their talents and capabilities. Likewise, some others were trying to boost their confidence to create and present lively presentations on professional occasions.

Another section of our clients was eager to implement more self-discipline and executive presence in their lives. Similarly, our clientele includes ambitious individuals who cherish changing their careers to get fulfillment in their life. However, those beautiful individuals were either hesitant or unclear to take concrete actions to materialize their visions and goals. Hope this client testimonials assist you to know more about our personal growth sessions. 


How coaching impacted them

Continue reading our satisfied client testimonials to learn how we assisted ambitious individuals like you in accomplishing goals, dreams, and visions. We equip you with tools and strategies from mindfulness, NLP, EFT Tapping, Qigong and meditations along with co-creative approach. As a client feel free to choose the strategies that work for you in each personal growth coaching session of yours. If these coaching testimonials are something you would want to re-create for yourself go ahead and book an hour long coaching sessions free.

Gained Clarity

“Padmaja is an amazing life coach. She is very empathic and professional. Takes her time to really understand one’s issues. My sessions with her helped me truly get more clarity on my life. She has a versatile tool box that can help anyone gain clarity, make great change, and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side. so, I am thrilled to write this coaching testimonials for Padmaja and highly recommend her personal growth coaching sessions to anyone. ”
Business Woman, Germany

Boosting Accountability

“Padmaja has been an extraordinary help on my life journey. She has given me clarity in many different areas of my life and has given me some great exercises and techniques to use for my self-improvement. It makes a huge difference to have someone hold you accountable to reaching your goals and to be there with support and guidance, especially during challenging times in life. I resonated with Padmaja’s coaching on a spiritual level and glad to write this coaching testimonials and also highly recommend her to anyone looking to become the best version of themselves!”
Photographer, New York
Sense of Upliftment and Freedom
"Padmaja’s style of coaching is gentle and comforting. Having her mentor, you feel like being wrapped up in cashmere Autumn blanket, soft, protecting and safe. She integrates mediation, visualization and chakra opening techniques that fill you with such a sense of uplift and freedom, she is a true liberator of oneself, from oneself. Thank you Padmaja, you helped to set me free.. Hope my coaching testimonials help someone to make use of Padmaja's personal coaching sessions "
Interior Design, London
Discovered Transferable Skills and Talents
"When I first decided to get some coaching, I did not have much confidence about it. Surprisingly, after just the first session with Padmaja I came to discover that I have many skills and talents that are transferable to other types of work. Realizing that I can use those skills and talents to start a business I began to plan to do it. My coach Padmaja helped me to ask myself the right questions to pull out the answers hidden within me. As I continued with the coaching sessions, I became more aware of the various ways to work out my business and make it viable. I am so glad I continued with the coaching and thrilled write to client testimonials as someone else going though same situation can try coaching. It has given me a new look at my abilities and much optimism. Thank you Padmaja."
Entrepreneur, New York.