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Do you MANAGE your time? or does it manage you?

Missed Dead Lines and Opportunities

No Time to Prepare and Eat Healthy Food

No Time to Exercise

No Time for Family

Do you want to say goodbye to the days of feeling rushed, burnt out, and overwhelmed?

With our personalized coaching and training approach, you can finally get the relaxation time, exercise, and healthy diet that you have been craving — while also managing your deadlines and staying organized. Unlock a new world of opportunities by getting your time under control! And getting your life under your control! Welcome to our time management coaching and training services!

We are dedicated to helping you maximize your productivity and achieve your goals by coaching you and teaching you the skills you need to manage your time effectively. Start Your Journey here by joining our program, “Fresh Start.”

Fresh Start

  • Introducing the ultimate solution to your time management woes! “Fresh Start”
  • Fresh Start is a coaching and training program.
  • 6 one on one  Sessions customized 
  • Live online  Zoom sessions 
  • Check in on participants between sessions to promote your commitment and motivation( via WhatsApp).
  • Your commitment and motivation help you get the most out of this program.

Welcome to Fresh Start!

Welcome to our coaching and training program “Fresh Start!” We are thrilled to have you on board and excited to help you achieve effective time management skills to enrich your life. 

Personalized feedback and guidance to help you make progress toward our goals

We’re committed to helping you succeed, and we believe that this program will be a valuable investment in your future. So, let’s get started!

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And with this Personalized live Time Management
Coaching and Training Program

You Won't have to spend a fortune

Typically, these programs are priced between $600 and $1000, but you don't have to spend that much to receive personalized live one on one coaching and training. Our program includes individualized coaching and training to assist you in identifying and overcoming obstacles while developing an attainable action plan.

By participating in our reasonably priced coaching program, you can acquire highly effective time management skills, leading to balance in your personal and professional life. This investment is valuable and can help you achieve a life of harmony and balance. This investment is valuable and can help you achieve a life of harmony and balance.

Two Live Mindfulness Sessions

Along with this coaching program fresh start, you will get additional 2 mindfulness sessions 45 minutes each. Did you know, research studies show that mindfulness can be a powerful tool to increase your time management efficiency? 

Mindfulness practice trains your mind to focus on the present moment without distraction. This can help to improve focus and concentration, allowing individuals to stay on task and manage their time more effectively.

Check-In on With you a Motivational Message

You are not alone in this journey. We will check in on each participant with motivational messages between sessions. That can help you have encouragement and support. Our purpose is to improve engagement, increase accountability, provide positive reinforcement, and offer a more personalized approach to training.  


 You Order it NOW.   You Save $250. Here’s why:  6 Coaching Sessions Program is $300. 2 Mindfulness Sessions Program is $100.  But if you order the “Fresh Start” time management coaching and training program now… You can get this valuable program for just $150. Total 8 Sessions (8hours).   So you are saving now $250.  You GET 2 mindfulness sessions as a Bonus. Its price is $100.   Sign up now. Off 250. This offer is available for a limited time.  Manage your time  = Manage your life.  

Enrich Your Life

Start reaching your goals today and take control of your life. Try our personalized approach now and experience the amazing benefits that come with it!

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