TEENAGERSAs you all know, Teenage years bring many changes in your children such as physical, mental, emotional, social. Perhaps, you have just noticed, your teenaged son or daughter started to think intellectually. It means your teenager is ready to make plans and set goals.

Your teenager needs your love, support, and encouragement. You can turn this difficult time of parenting much more meaningful and fulfilling by offering encouragement, acceptance, and attention.

Do you want to impose your own will on your teenager? Do you always show your teenager how to do things?  Instead, do you allow them to take the lead? It would provide them an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. You can follow it through to make sure your teenager gets helpful attention. Perhaps, this is the best time to enjoy parenting by being interested in who they are and what they are doing.

Sometimes, your teenager makes choices that are different from your expectations. Do not sit back and think that you lost your full control or your teenager and he or she ignores you.  Rather, enter into a dialogue with your  son or daughter by asking open-ended questions gently. Surely, they feel mattered. They always value your acceptance. Have a positive conversation by pointing out their strengths. It boosts their self-esteem and self-confidence. Listen to your teenager when they want to talk and what they to talk about, even if you are busy with your own works.    

At this point, you can think about how you can be a nurturing and responsive parent to your  son or daughter.

Remember you are an adult, you have more knowledge and experience than your teenager when it comes to matters of life. Your wisdom and insights are incredibly useful for your teenage son or daughter.

Now might be asking, how would I make use of this golden opportunity to impact my teen’s life in a fulfilling way?

It is needless to say teenage period is crucial. During this time their personality develops, they are going through many challenges and many of them are distractive too. So, how can you help your son or daughter  to get focused on their dreams and goals.

“How about helping your teenage children to set goals?”  The secret Sause of life success!

Where do you begin the process of goal setting?

First and foremost, thing, you need to have a conversation with your teenager about their goals. Find out what they want and write down their answer, exactly using their own words!

Because, these are your teen’s goals not yours!

Guide Your Teenager To Set Positive Goals:

Is your teenager’s goal positively worded? If it is not, help them rewrite it as a positive statement. Ask them to focus on what they desire to achieve rather than what they want to avoid. In other words, your their  goal should be a toward goal. It encourages positive thinking and helps them to stay motivated to achieve their goals.

Make Your Teenager accountable:

Once in a day, either in the morning or evening let your teenager readout or write their goals several times. It will assist them to be focused on their goals. By repeating the goal, it will stick to their mind. You can lead them to make action plans and together you both can monitor their progress.

Smart Goals: Let your teenager’s dream be specific, measurable, achievable(action-oriented), realistic and time-based. Every teen has to learn so many things, so every parent has a great responsibility to make sure their dream is on the right path.

If your teenager’s goal is,” I want to be better in maths.” It is really a vague goal. It is not easy to measure its progress. Instead, encourage your teenager to reset his goal by making it specific, measurable, action-oriented, and time-based. Your teenager has to be clear on his goal, he or she should know what do they need to achieve? Their goal needs to have a start and finish time. They should know that what actions, they should take to reach that goal. So, he or she can easily monitor its progress.

Let him reset his goal E.g. “I want to do all my weekly maths assignments correctly and submit on time for the next three months.” Here, you both can check his progress clearly. Because. it is specific, what does he want to do? When does he want to finish? And, it can be easily assessed and achieved with sufficient effort and focus.

So, your teenager can identify and celebrate his or her success. It would boost their self-confidence. These initial successes are the stepping stone to bigger success.

Stepping stone to bigger success

Why Setting Goals:

Your teenager may think why would they set goals as there is no surety, this would ever be achieved. Explain to your teenager the benefits of setting goals, as a parent you can make them understand its benefits by pointing out your personal experiences. Or you can find good reads for them. Tell the story of additional language learning or art class you have taken while you were preparing for your college courses!

Train Your Teenager To Face The Fear oF Failure:

Encourage your teens to make good action plans for their goals. Inspire them to work on it regularly. It makes a clear path for your teens to follow through.

Are they still hesitant to take actions? Help them to identify, what stops them from taking actions. If they have any limiting thoughts inspire them to overcome those thoughts.

All these teach your teen to move forward in his or her life easily and confidently. They can build a meaningful and fulfilling life by setting higher goals and accomplishing it with easily.