Welcome to your BUSINESS GROWTH

I make best use of my time and achieve most of my daily goals.
My managers, staff and I take the necessary trainings to improve our skills.
I can read and understand financial reports of my business.
I do conduct employee performance evaluation once in three months.
I am an inspirational leader to my employees.
I do conduct regular sales meetings for my sales Team and I set quarterly sales quota for each sales person.
My team and I can easily determine the effectiveness of our lead generation activities.
My Sales team, Accounts team and administration team work in high co-ordination with great rapport.
My business has a very good social networking activities.
My Existing Customers provide us very valuable referrals.
My business uses a very user-friendly financial book keeping software system and it produces detailed and very accurate financial reports.
As a business owner I am clear on my business and personal priorities
I have an exciting and satisfying personal life.
I usually prefer to do the tasks only I can or should do.
I usually prefer to do the tasks only I can or should do.
Most of my employees are performing nearly below their capacities.
I have allocated a good budget for running my marketing activities smoothly and effectively.
My team and I can clearly articulate my company’s brand positioning.
The Key Variable that impact my business growth are identified and monitored regularly.
I have a good harmony between my business life and personal life
Sometimes, my business associates are not satisfied with me as I do not have good follow through.
When I come across a conflict in my work place, I help people to focus on the solution rather than blaming each other.
I feel confident and I have a very good sense of who I am.
I do show appreciation to my employees by spending a little time talking to them as I would talk to my neighbors or acquittance.
My company’s accounts payables and receivables are handled in a professional timely manner.
I have a very good employer's liability insurance.
Sometimes, I delegate distasteful jobs to my team members.
I always do urgent and Important tasks as soon as possible.
I think delegation is a sign of weakness.
I delegate tasks that I can not clearly describe.
I evaluate and enhance my business plan consistently .

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