I make a daily commitment to adapting my behaviors, mindset and habits to work towards achieving my goals.
Goal Setting is more effective if it is specific and measurable.
I work with a peer coach or mentor to keep me motivated on the track to achieve my professional goals.
I keep a Progress journal to monitor my progress towards my personal goals.
Setting goals help you to have a long-term vision in life.
Achievement of my goals add to the core values of my life.
I set realistic deadline for each goal.
My goal/goals are clearly defined and understandable.
I use meditation to enhance my motivation and clarity.
I write goals in a positive way, focusing on what I can or will do that motivate me one step closer to achieving my goals.
I divide big goal into small goals and I schedule it and monitor its progress.
I reward myself appropriately When I achieve my goals is achieved within time limit.
I prioritize my goals.
I have control over my performance goals.
I do not reassess and adjust when I fail to achieve my goals.
Goal Setting helps me to define what is important for me to achieve in my life.
Visualization is a strong tool, I use this when I am working towards achieving my goals.
I write down my goals.
I always make sure do I have the recourses to achieve my goal.
I often write down specific action steps to be taken to achieve my goal
I note down the benefits of achieving each goal and it keeps me on track.
Sometimes, I set vague goals.
I assess potential internal and external barriers that stop me from attaining my goals.
I record my commitment to your goals in a written format.
I set goals in different roles I pay in relation to my life such as parent, friend, colleague or spouse.
I understand the difference between short, medium, long term goals.
In work related goals, I have regular meeting with my manager to measure and report the progress of the goals I am committed.
I make my goal specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound.
I do not check my goals align with my life values.
Sometimes, my short-term goals become long goals.

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