Sample Self Confidence Assessment

Welcome to your Self Confidence Assessment

I trust in my ability.
I have challenged my limiting beliefs
If something looks difficult, I easily give up.
When I get past roadblocks, I make a note of the lessons I’ve learned.
I do exercise at least 4 times in a week.
I have a plan in place to work on my weakness.
I often read good books and attend training course for my personal and professional growth.
I am optimistic about the future.
I meditate, do yoga, walk in nature or pray to manage my stress levels.
I like to speak and do presentations in front of group.
I enjoy having fun and relaxing.
I have good interpersonal skills.
I worry what others think of me.
I meet and surround myself with encouraging people.
I find it easy to stick to my action plans and achieve my goals.
I can solve difficult problems if I work hard enough.
I am not afraid of failures, because there is always a learning curve.
I get out of my comfort zone, take risks to achieve better results.
I like and respect myself
When I receive compliments on my hard work and success, I can easily say “Thank you.”
I can take good decisions easily.
I become very emotional when I handle criticism.
I blame myself when I make mistakes.
When I look at myself in the mirror, I like my reflection and I can say I love you.
I have skills, qualities and strength to succeed in life.
I visit my doctor, dentist and optician for regular checkups.
I inspire people around me to take right action to prosper in life.
I believe I am capable and worthy of success.
I don't have any difficulty saying "no" when I really want to say.
I know what are my strengths and Weaknesses

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